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If the base install image and/or install instructions doesn't fit your or your students' needs, there are a few options.

Have students install the software themselves

If Arch Linux already provides a binary package containing the software you want students to use, just have them install it.

The list of binary packages provided by Arch Linux is here.

Refer students to instructions for installing new packages here.

Complication: what if configuration/customization is necessary after install?

Two options: have the students perform the necessary customization themselves or I can make a custom package that ships the tweaks you want. My recommendation would be for the former: I'm happy to help with making the process both smooth and instructive.

Complication: what if there isn't a binary package?

This is more complicated. Arch Linux maintains a pseudo-source distribution in the ArchLinux User Repository (AUR), from which students can install software directly (though it's less straightforward than installing a binary package) or I can build a binary package and put it on a Middlebury server for distribution to students just like an official package.

The list of software available in the AUR is here.

Documentation on the AUR in general is here.

Add software to the base install

This is really easy. Email me and let me know which packages you'd like added to the base install and I can spin another set of install media and pre-installed VM image.