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Many computer-science students travel abroad during their time at Middlebury. Many of those students put their CS studies on hold when they're elsewhere, but it is definitely possible to take CS classes abroad and get credit towards the major at Middlebury.

Getting Credit for CS Courses

Because courses at other institutions cover different material (even if they claim to entail the same topics) it is highly unlikely that we will grant credit for core requirements (ie, non-electives). The department has a specific set of concepts we feel are necessary for undergraduates in computer science to know, we have designed the core courses accordingly, and the chances of finding a course abroad that fits in just right are low.

Electives are a much different story. To get credit for an elective taken abroad, you must provide us with the syllabus so we can determine whether the course entailed sufficient depth and work to count as an equivalent of a Middlebury College Computer Science elective. We can sometimes make this determination (or a strong guess) even before you travel. The more detailed a syllabus you can get for us, the better.

Programs to Consider for CS Courses

Some programs are particularly amenable to studying computer-science, and often offer electives that provide a valuable complement to the set available at Midd. These are some possibilities:

- Copenhangen

- AIT Budapest

- St Andrews


- Middlebury College Study Abroad office: