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History and Ownership

The Food Network (legally the Television Food Network, GP) was launched on Thanksgiving weekend 1993 in New York, NY as a channel that specialized in programs about cooking, hospitality, food, restaurants, and general kitchen culture. In 1996, it was purchased by the A.H. Belo Corporatio,

In 1997, the E.W. Scripps Company purchased a majority share, and has since bought out every minority shareholder except for Tribune Co., which maintains a 31% share of the estimated $1 billion channel.[1][2]  (

Scripps acquired or launched additional lifestyle television networks, because of popularity of HGTV. In 1997 Food Network was called into the fold and is now in more than 99 million U.S. television households.

“Viewers love our talent and our shows, which is why Food Network and HGTV rank among the top networks in cable,” said Kenneth W. Lowe, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Scripps Networks Interactive. “But our valuable networks simply are not being compensated like top ten networks by Cablevision. The distribution rates Cablevision pays for Food and HGTV are among the lowest in the industry.” (

Now Food Network is not only TV channel, but also a full-blown infrastructure for gourmets, housewives and everybody, who loves good food. It includes unique lifestyle network, website and magazine, where viewers can buy everything for cooking – from salt to “Candy Apple Artisan Design Stand Mixer” ( Attachment_KitchenAid-Candy-Apple-Artisan-Design-Stand-Mixer.aspx)

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