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Report #1

This is a solid account of the channel, with good details and sources. You don't sufficiently discuss the way that the ownership connects to the channel's strategies - how does it use synergy with Disney & ABC, or compete with the company's other channels? The section about scheduling is too much of an outline - write the reports in prose/paragraph form. Be sure to italicize the titles of films, shows & newspapers throughout. Avoid repetition between the sections, a common problem for projects where different team members write separately without someone stitching sections together. Fix the reference format where the "&amp" text is repeated. Your presentation was solid, but the clip was too long for the purposes of the presentation. --Jason Mittell 19:31, 24 October 2010 (UTC)

Reports #2 & 3

Your account of the two shows are clear and effectively detailed, with good details on content and strategy. You could go more in depth with the 700 Club in talking about what is in the show and how it addresses its audience, and how Greek fits into the ownership & corporate structure of ABC/Disney. The account of the online participation and delivery is generally strong, with good details and analysis. Your discussion of the targeted advertising is unclear and needs more explanation. Make sure you put the references at the end of all text, and italicize titles throughout! Your presentations were solid, with good organization and ideas, although your points in the 3rd one were a bit vague at times. --Jason Mittell 23:29, 21 November 2010 (UTC)