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From FYSE 1396: Digital Media Literacy
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Wiki for Digital Media Literacy course (Middlebury College, FYSE 1396, Fall 2013)

This wiki will host a collective project for Middlebury's Digital Media Literacy course. The goal is to provide an analytic overview of social media platforms and sites. Below is a list of platforms that will be analyzed.

On each page, students should create an analysis that explains how the platform functions as a site of communication, referencing concepts explored in the course. Some relevant issues that should be explored include Baym's seven key concepts, the site's functions in terms of content / form / environment, and the roles of community, identity, and participation. Each page should be a coherently written mini-essay, not a series of bullet points. All sources should be cited, and the page should include links both within the wiki and to external sources. All writing should be in the students' own words, or clearly marked as cited quotations.


















Process & Assessment

Each student has ownership of one specific page, as selected on Moodle. They are responsible for creating a first draft for that page, and managing subsequent edits. Students are expected to contribute to at least three other pages as well as maintaining their own primary page. Students are encouraged to use the Talk pages to discuss and plan edits.

The project will be assessed twice throughout the semester. On October 31st, the wiki will be locked for editing while Prof. Mittell assesses progress and leaves comments on pages. It will then be reopened and assessed again on December 6th at 5pm.

Students will be graded on three components: the overall quality of the entire wiki (a shared class grade), the quality of each student's owned page, and the level of participation from each student. These grades will be shared at each assessment point and averaged together for the final grade.