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StumbleUpon is a search engine that recommends and directs users to webpages. Users create an account and choose "interests." Users are guided to webpages that have content relevant to their "interests." StumbleUpon allows users to find photos, videos, and other online content that they would not normally see.

Unlike many social media platforms, the primary objective of StumbleUpon is not to interact with other users. Instead, users interact with the site: choosing interests, giving feedback on suggested webpages, and occasionally viewing trending webpages. The only interaction between users occurs through Facebook. Users can invite friends from Facebook to join StumbleUpon and follow other users in addition to their "interests."

Community, Identity, and Participation

Although not explicitly recognized, there is a Stumbling community. Those that Stumble are a part of said community and those that do not, are not. Online, the Stumble community consists of over 25 million users who collectively stumble over one billion times per month. [1]


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