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== Grades for each page at Final: ==
== Grades for each page at Final: ==
    Facebook: A
* Facebook: A
    Foursquare: A-
* Foursquare: A-
    Google+: B
* Google+: B
    Instagram: A-
* Instagram: A-
    LinkedIn: B
* LinkedIn: B
    Pandora: B+
* Pandora: B+
    Reddit: B+
* Reddit: B+
    Soundcloud: B+
* Soundcloud: B+

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General comments:

Overall, this is a solid first draft - some pages are quite good, others need work. Each page's Discussion tab has a brief assessment of that page's status.

One of the next steps would be to try to make the pages more uniform in structure, design, and level of analysis. It is up to the community of the class to determine how best to do this, but my comments on individual pages might offer some inspiration & guidance.

I gave each page a grade below, and the average of those grades is 3.16 (on a 4.0 scale - that's halfway between a B and B+). The more you revise, the more the this grade can go up. Good luck!

Tips for all pages:

  • Edit the writing for clarity & grammar! This can be done by anyone, not just the page owner.
  • Format titles of books properly, such as Nancy Baym's Personal Connections in the Digital Age.
  • Work on interlinking the wiki pages, so that when any page references another, it's linked. For instance, if a page mentions Twitter, it should be linked.

Grades for each page at midterm:

Note that I have not assessed individual contributor grades at this point, as it seems less relevant for a work-in-progress. I will note that students who do not contribute significantly to pages beyond their "owned" pages will receive no higher than a B for their individual contributor portion of the final grade. --Jason Mittell 20:35, 13 November 2013 (EST)

Grades for each page at Final:

  • Facebook: A
  • Foursquare: A-
  • Google+: B
  • Instagram: A-
  • LinkedIn: B
  • Pandora: B+
  • Reddit: B+
  • Soundcloud: B+