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Vimeo is a website where users can share and watch videos online.[1]

Brief History

Vimeo was created in 2004 by filmmakers wanting to share their videos online. The Vimeo headquarters office is located at 555 West 18th Street in New York City.[2]


Vimeo has three types of membership: Basic, Plus, and PRO. The Basic membership provides users with simple privileges, such as 500MB of video storage and 1 high-definition video each week, and 10 video uploads per day.[3] The Plus membership increases privileges, giving users 5GB of storage per week and changing all videos from standard quality to HD quality. While the Basic membership is free, the Vimeo Plus membership costs $9.95/month.[4] The PRO membership ups the allowance even more, with 20GB per week available for video storage. Accounts can also be set to “Private Mode,” which prevents videos from showing up on Vimeo’s actual website. Vimeo PRO is best used for businesses that need a host website for entrepreneurial videos. Vimeo PRO is also significantly more expensive than Plus, at a cost of $199/year.[5]

Special Features

Vimeo offers a variety of features that are more unique to the site: Creative Commons, Vimeo On Demand, Perks, and Video School.[6]

Creative Commons

Vimeo On Demand


Vimeo Perks provides discounts to Vimeo Plus and PRO users on cameras, equipment, and software. Participating companies are among "B&H, Kessler, Red Giant, Letus and GarageCUBE." [7]

Video School