"In" analytics

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Use an "in" analytic to create a bib record for a part/section/chapter, etc. of another item (such as a serial, a book, a sound recording).

Note: Do not use "in" analytic cataloging for offprints, reprints, or detached copies. For those items, see this information from OCLC Bib Formats

Generally, create as you would a normal record, except for these changes/additions:

Fixed field

  • BLvl:  a (component part)
  • Ctry: if country information is available in 773 field, code accordingly. Otherwise, code as unknown (xx)
  • Date: Use date in 773 field as appropriate
  • 260/264: omit
  • 300:  p. [AACR2]/pages [RDA]143-145 (etc.)
  • 773: 'host item' linking note. As a shortcut, use with Connexion's 'insert from cited record'
    • While logged onto Connexion, put cursor in the 773 field (be sure 1st indicator is "0")
    • Enter the OCLC number, with or without the pound sign (#), for the related bibliographic record you want to cite
    • Right-click in the field and on the pop-up menu, click "Insert from Cited Record."

100 1   Glasscock, Jane.
245 1 0 Research on customer requirements for transit service design / ‡c Jane Glasscock.
300       p. 121-127 : ‡ b ill. ; ‡ c 28 cm.
504       Includes bibliographical references (p. 127).
650 0    Local transit. ‡ z Washington (State). ‡ z Seattle Metropolitan Area ‡ x Evaluation.
773 0    ‡ t Transportation research record ‡x 0149-5852 ‡ g No. 1604 (1997) ‡ w (OCoLC)1259379

See OCLC's Bib Standards guide for more details.

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