Access to Class Servers and Services

Each class held at Middlebury automatically receives a class folder on our file server, as well as a class webpage on Segue. This document describes how access to that class folder or webpage is managed.

How is access to the class servers and  class websites managed?

Access to the:

  • classes server
  • course hub
  • e-mail distribution lists for classes/courses

is managed automatically. This means that if a student adds/drops a course in bannerweb or via an add/drop card, access to the added/dropped course is added/removed within a few hours, automatically. In fact, if a student/faculty/staff is manually added to a class server or e-mail distribution list, their name will be removed within a few hours automatically by the system, unless they are also added to the course in banner.

These automatic updates happen (pulled from Banner and applied to various servers, including Classes) at 8am, noon, and 4pm.

Adding Additional Auditors or Instructors for a Class

An instructor/professor can, however, add auditors and additional instructors to a course.

Instructions for editing course lists relocated here.

Troubleshooting Access Issues with Class Folders

See: Troubleshooting Classes and Dropbox Folder Issues

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