Middlebury Argos Information

Middlebury is working to replace the Hyperion reporting system with the Evisions Argos reporting tool. Here is information about starting Argos, notes and training information.

Argos environments

Notes accessing Argos

  • Sign into Argos from Internet Explorer.
  • After starting Argos, the first login screen will be for your Active Directory (AD) credentials (the ID and password you sign into your PC with).
  • You may see a pop-up message window saying "Updates exist". Click OK.
  • Folder structure may differ between production and development since development is used for learning and building.
  • When you run a report, the login will be for your Oracle database account for that particular database.
  • A VPN connection is required for off-campus access.

Training Resources

Here’s information for the Argos online training. Or you can manually access Evisions website by following the steps below.

  • Go to http://support.evisions.com/Support/ProductSupport/Argos.aspx
  • First time Argos users will need to click "register" and create an account. Please note this account is separate from your Middlebury account - keep the ID and password for future reference.
  • Click on the Free Online Training link
  • Scroll down “On demand online training” and click on the plus (+) sign to open this up
  • Click on the first two trainings (in this order).
  • -> Report Viewer Training
  • -> Report Writer Training
  • If you want additional videos, click on Documentation and Software link, select Argos and then click on “Search Now”.
  • After the page refreshes, scroll down and you can download and watch the videos.


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