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Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Axinn 105 Classroom Instructions

Press the Power icon on the screen. Enter the 4 digit passcode, two, zero, zero, four. This will take you to the Main Menu.

Step 1. Choose which display you want to use

Step 2. Choose the source you want displayed

  • Laptop – you can project from VGA or HDMI
  • Blu-ray – Located in the black rack next to the podium
  • PC - This is built into the Sharp TV. A wireless keyboard and mouse have been provided
  • Air Media - Wirelessly project from your device. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen

TV Controls – You can turn on all TVs at once or you can choose individual TV/Pods to display on. You have the ability to display a different source on each screen.

Individual iMacs and personal laptops can be displayed on the Pod TV. At each station there is a HDMI cable connected to the iMac and another that can be connected to a laptop. Each cable has a “play” button, press the button to display on the Pod TV.

Using the large TV monitor as a computer

The TV screen is also a touch screen. Instead of using the keyboard and mouse, you can use your fingers or the Sharp stylus pen to navigate the computer.

You can also annotate on the screen. Open the program you want to use; ie. Internet, PDF, etc. Once you are on the screen you want to be, open the Overlay mode Pen software. This needs to the “top layer” program in order for the annotation to show up.

If you have more questions or you would like a tutorial on how to operate this equipment, please contact Media Services for help.

If you are having difficult, contact the Helpdesk at x2200

Basic Troubleshooting If you are trying to project from a laptop and it is not working, the most common fix for this on a : PC : press the Windows button (little flag) and P at the same time. A small window will appear showing the display options, select Duplicate. Mac : Press command + F1 at the same time, the computer will cycle through mirror and extended display. Press it again until you get the image you are looking for.

If you are projecting from HDMI and you do not have any audio, you can fix this: PC: right click sound icon Mac: Press option + sound icon at the top of the screen

You can also go to go/troubleshootingvideos to watch short tutorials.

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