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If no appropriate record can be found for an item, or if an item is wanted for reserve or for a patron's use sooner than appropriate cataloging can be done:

  • Create brief bib record (if none exists)
  • Add call number to bib record: 099 Backlog-in Process 00/08 (the date is in mo/yr format)
  • Do not assign "Cat Date"
  • Create item record and attach barcode
  • Location should be m (Do not make location CatDept)
  • Status should be C (Backlog in Cat)
  • Shelve in acquisition order on backlog shelf.
  • If item is to be checked out or put on reserve:
    • Change Item Code 2 to u "Uncataloged"
    • Add message to item record: "Item not yet cataloged; return to Cataloging".
    • Put note in book: "P&P: spine label: Middlebury College." If for reserve, add to note: "Reserves will assign Cat call no."
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