Cannot Instantiate OCX Control

PROBLEM: Cannot instantiate OCX control ‘UAICtl.HTMLViewer’ in Resource25 SOLUTION: (As per: http://www.uc.edu/r25/ClientInstallation.asp)

  1. Logon to PC as each user that has attempted to run R25 v3.2 and received the OCX error.
  2. Open a command windows by going to Start - Run and typing "cmd".
  3. Navigate to the \bin directory in one of the R25 installation directories. If you have followed the naming conventions given in the Installation Directions, the R25 installation directories will be R25v32Prod, R25v32Test, and R25v32Train.
  4. Run this command from the command line: regsvr32.exe /u uaictl.ocx
  5. Run r25start.exe from the R25 installation directory to verify it works.
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