Carrel procedures

Located throughout the Libraries: 202 total (though numbered 1-308 with gaps) at Davis Family; and 9 at Armstrong. 

During the academic year, for seniors writing a thesis or independent project at a level of 500 or higher, only during the semester(s) they are actively enrolled in said thesis or project.  Juniors writing a junior thesis or project may not borrow carrels.  Seniors not writing a thesis or project who are in a senior seminar may not borrow carrels.

See also:go/carrels
Preparations and Clean-up, beginning and end of every semester: 

  • Carrels emptied. All materials found are brought to Circulation for check-in, lost and found, discard, etc.
  • Carrels cleaned – collaboration with Custodial; all materials found are brought to Circulation staff for check-in, lost and found, discard, recycle etc.  Concerning lockers: Circ will give Custodial a list of lockers that are not to be cleaned because of current use by faculty or other borrowers.
  • Keys: catalog each, change out peeling or faded barcodes on tags, submit replacements for missing or sharply bent keys to Building Supervisor, who is our point person for Facilties requests
  • Check that the LIS webpage has correct carrel information, including carrel maps and printable applications

Additional Preparation

  • Check with Reference (usually Brenda Ellis) to confirm that the Reference Services email to Seniors has correct information
  • Check with Building Supervisor to confirm that the Carrel Maps are up to date
  • Review documentation and user agreement language
  • Contact Bryan Carson to turn off multiple bookings for Carrel day only
  • In Millennium, change loan rule 54 to reflect the correct number of days in the loan period (NOTE: ABSOLUTE DATES DO NOT WORK WITH BOOKINGS!)

Carrel Day Circulation Supervisor Prep

  • Plan ahead for extra staffing on Carrel Day at Davis Family
  • Print out a master carrel map (1 side per page - not double sided) and a few pages of the agreement for patrons to sign
  • Right before booking goes live, open the loan rule determiner table in Millennium and change the line with rule number 54 from No to Yes (active)

Carrel Day (and thereafter) Checkout Procedure:

  • Patrons should have booked online, but not required.  
  • Have agreement and map ready
  • No Banner print-out required; should be p-type 6 (thesis student)
  • Be sure to have them sign the user agreement
  • Retrieve the key. Regular carrels will have a carrel key on a black tag. The Media Closet Doors include ALL carrel keys.

Checking out the key:

  • Scan ID card – ID required!
  • Carrel must be checked out in person
  • Do not override for overdue materials
  • Scan the key barcode
  • Due date defaults to end of term date
  • Close the transaction
  • Cross out their carrel on the master carrel map
  • Give them the key.

Carrels During Summer sessions

Who can have them: Language Schools students, staff and faculty; Bread Loaf School of English: students, staff and faculty; Academic-year Middlebury students, faculty and staff currently on campus.  Due dates should be set for the end of Lanuage Schools.

Davis Family: Upper Level Mezzanine (carrels 1-22), Upper Level South (carrels 25-68), Upper Level Reading Room (carrels 301-308), and Lower Level (carrels 250-273) are available.  Most of the carrel rooms located on the North side of the building (regular levels and mezzanine levels) are available for limited use by language program, and so the carrel keys cannot be checked out.  Signs should be posted at the beginning of LS for ease in determining which room belongs to which language program.  The remaining carrel rooms continue to be used as academic year faculty offices during the summer, at the discretion of the Dean of the Faculty Office.

Armstrong: 9 carrels on lower level

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