JAMF Pro Self Service

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JAMF Pro’s Self Service is a program ITS uses to provide remote software and printer installations on Macintosh computers owned by Middlebury College. ITS also uses this software for management of College-owned Macs.

Self Service offers the following benefits:

  • A dramatic decrease in the amount of time needed to install software in both labs and offices.
  • It enables ITS to make sure that all College-owned Macs can be running the same version of software.
  • It helps ITS handle zero-day-threats against the Macintosh community. While anti-virus software keeps known viruses out, a zero-day attack can be acted on more quickly by having Self Service kill and remove the infection before a virus definition can be created and distributed across the country through normal anti-virus programs.

For usage and troubleshooting details, visit Self Service FAQ.

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