Circulation student training quiz

 1. A patron wants a book which is due back in three weeks, and they would like it sooner than that. Please put the following options in the order you would have the patron proceed.
a. Submit an ILL request
b. Recall the item in Millennium
c. Have a panic attack
d. Search and request via NExpress
e. Refer to a supervisor
f. Request the item via Midcat (will not change to the due date)
2. Put the following call numbers in order:
a. PN1997.2 .V25 2001
b. PS1523.M23 X29 1997
c. M1503 .B55 v.2
d. M1503 .B55 A3
e. QC26 .W46 2009
f. PN1997.2 .V2345 2001
g. PN1997 .T98 1900x
3. Give the title and location of this item: QC26 .W46 2009
4. What steps should you take if a reserve item is not on the reserve shelf?
5. There is an emergency situation in the library and there is not a supervisor present. What should you do?
6. What do you do if an item comes back missing parts? (A disc, a part, a cord, etc.) What should you NOT do ?
7. Copy and paste the url that directs patrons to the hours for the libraries.
8. Can guest borrowers borrow:
a. CD’s?
b. Software?
c. Equipment?
d. NExpress?
e. DVDs?
9. Copy and paste the url that directs patrons to Prof. Vitercik’s course MUSC0240.
10. Under what circumstances is it o.k. to tell a patron what someone else has checked out?
11. What additional step should you take after answering a question at the circulation desk?
12. If you had to, could you un-jam a printer?
13. List at least two instances where a supervisor would have to use their password to override a circulation.
14. Who is eligible to reserve a locker? A carrel?
15. For the two items below, explain how to set the due date, what color its band, and whether or not it can be renewed:
a. ILL
b. NExpress
16. You get on a plane bound for Los Angeles from Boston at 5:33 am EST, travelling 650 miles per hour. Your friend gets on a plane bound for Boston from Denver at 7:26 am MST, travelling 670 miles per hour. Disregarding wind speed or direction, and taking into account time differences, out which side of the plane should you look for a glimpse of Montana?
17. Write a question you would add to this quiz in the future.

When checking out a laptop, what are the steps necessary? (or.. for which pieces of equipment and software is a signature required)
If a patron asks if you can extend the due date for 4-hour equipment and say they really need it longer, what should you do?
Which items cannot be taken out of the library? … (Reserve items, reference books, laptops, plays)
Q: A student wants to watch a movie for their class, but the film is being screened that day - are you allowed to check out the movie to them?
A: No, never on the day of

What do you normally say when you first meet a patron?

What do you do when someone has mistakenly called the circ desk when they wanted to talk to someone from the helpdesk?
How many DVDs can one patron have out at a time?
What would you do when a patron can't find the item she/he is looking for, and you can't find it either?
Do you need to print a transit slip?

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