Coltrane Lounge Classroom Instructions

To project from a laptop, tap the touch panel screen, tap start, select Laptop HDMI or Apple TV.

Connect the HDMI to your computer and it will display on both monitors.

To use AppleTV, tap AppleTV on the touch panel. On your computer screen, there should be an AirPlay icon at the top on the right, it looked like a rectangle with a triangle inserted into the bottom. Click that icon, select Coltrane Lounge, and then type the 4-digit code that appears on the TV screens into your computer.

There is also the option to show DVDs.

Troubleshooting tips

Many times people will come into this space when class is in session and use the TVs, except they don't use them properly. They will change the input on the screen. If you have followed all the steps listed above and the TVs display "No Signal", it is likely that someone has changed it. If you cycle through all the input options available using the button on the side of the TV, and it still does not work, contact the Helpdesk at x2200 and they will send someone to help.

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