Companies and Locations (Web Help Desk)



Only appears in the menu if you have "Use Companies" checked in Options.

Locations and rooms

A list of all locations in all location groups. Click on a location to bring up additional options.
-The first two locations (when sorted by name) are - Middlebury Campus and - Monterey Campus. These are used as the primary way to separate Midd and MIIS techs, clients, and tickets; all of these belong to one of these locations by default.
-In a specific location, there is information about that physical location. We have added two custom fields:

  • Building code: This is the corresponding building code from Facilities and/or Banner.
  • URL: This is a link to a room or documentation about a room, specifically for use by Media Services.

-Clicking the "Rooms editor" tab at the top of the page brings up the rooms assigned to that location. Used primarily with Assets. MIDD's practice has been to use at least three characters for room numbers. (e.g. 001)

Location groups

Location groups are also used to separate MIDD and MIIS techs, clients, tickets, and assets. Physical locations are assigned to a location group at creation. There are some MIIS locations contained within the MIDD location group; these are for MIDD-owned assets that live at Monterey locations.

Location custom fields

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