Convert CD to MP3

There are multiple ways of converting a CD into a set of MP3 files.

Using iTunes (for Macs)

These instructions are based on iTunes 10.6.3 for Mac. Please read instructions completely through before you begin importing music.

After you have launched iTunes, open the iTunes preferences under the iTunes Menu Bar item (Shortcut Key Combo is "Command ,"). Under the General section you should see the When you insert a CD: section. Select Ask to Import CD and then select the Import Settings... button. You will want to change the settings in the next window that opens to Import Using: MP3 Encoder. Use the High or Higher quality setting as it is worth the extra space and bandwidth to have a clear recording.

Then insert your CD and at the prompt you can select which files to import. Once they are imported you can find them inside your Home folder's Music folder. Luckily iTunes gives you two ways to find these files. The first is to right click (control-click) on the file in iTunes and select Show in Finder. All music is stored according to artist and saved as the song name. So you will want to make sure you named the Artist and Songs correctly before you import them.

The second way to find your imported audio files is to go to your home directory's Music folder. Inside the Music folder you should see an iTunes folder, and inside that folder an iTunes Music folder. Again one more jump through folders into another Music folder and you are now at the heart of iTunes. All music is stored according to Artist, so if you didn't have an Artist listed when you imported (or you didn't modify if after), the files will be in the Unknown Artist folder.

You can copy the MP3 to Middfiles, or to another music application or wherever you like.

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