Middlebury iData Cookbook Information

Middlebury is Implementing the iData Cookbook product to support the enterprise reporting and data governance activities of the institution. We are striving to establish institutional data definitions, approval workflows, and best practices for data and report requests and management.

Once single sign-on is implemented all users at Middlebury and Monterey will need to login with their “Middlebury” formatted email address. This is due to a limitation in the way SSO is configured within the application. For Middlebury users this is their normal email address in the form of username@middlebury.edu. All Monterey users have an alias already to this format so just use your normal username with the @middlebury.edu suffix, username@middlebury.edu. Emails can be sent to this address as well.

Here is a link to the draft version of Middlebury’s style guide for definitions and specifications, DRAFT Middlebury Style Guide

Here is the link to Middlebury’s definition and specification import spreadsheet, Middlebury Definition and Specification Import Source .

This link takes you to the iData Cookbook Implementation Project Team Meeting Agendas and Notes Agenda and Notes .

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