Davison Library Manual

Davison Desk Daily Tasks

Davison Desk Phone extension is x2740.

Morning, Afternoon, and Evening

  • First shift of the day: Log onto computer, Millennium, Outlook etc.
  • Check box for "Book Check Out Forms" and check items out to patrons
  • Check in returned books on cart
  • Shelve all returned books (both regular stacks and reserves)
  • Open Microsoft Office shortcut on desktop and print the daily password
  • Check your email for messages and respond as needed. All staff scheduled at Davison have been added to a distribution list to facilitate communication. Please check for work-related messages when you are scheduled at the desk.
  • Tidy/troubleshoot hold shelf: alphabetical by borrower last name; make sure hold slips match item; one slip per item
  • Bin from Davis Family Library: check in and shelve requests alpha by borrower; check in and shelve reserve materials on reserve shelves
  • Bin to Davis Family Library: place all returns in bin for delivery back to main campus; check that all items have been checked in; check that no Davison reserve books are in bin
  • Shelf read reserve shelf: see clipboard for details
  • Refill paper in printer and copy machine; extra paper can be found in Apple Cellar storage room
  • Set out newspapers; sort and tidy newspapers
  • Lock desk computer before going to lunch or dinner and place signage and box on desk
  • If chilly, bring in wood and start a fire
  • Last shift of the day – Log off Millennium; Shut down computer; place signage and box on desk

Starting the Staff Computer at Davison Library

Windows Login:

username:  libcirc1

password: (call x5494 if you can't remember...it is an odd spelling of a tasty treat)

Double click Millennium Icon on desktop to activate the Millennium Circulation Module

Log on to Millennium:

Username: mdcirc


To override in Millennium: Note! Always read the override message carefully before overriding – the system is trying to tell you something important – please alert Circulation to any messages that you do not understand.

Initials: circsup


FYI: Supervisor Log in for Millennium

Username: mdcircsu


Public Computers - Davison

The computers on the first and second floor of Davison require a login to use.

  • If patrons use their Middlebury username and password, they will be able to print from these computers to the printer on the first floor.
  • If patrons do not know their MIDD username, they can login with the daily pclab password (available by opening Outlook on the circ computer).  If they use this login, they will not be able to print.  This password changes daily.

Apple Cellar:
All machines must be logged into either with a Middlebury Domain account or using the following local accounts 1) 'writers' w/ password of 2Breadloaf! or 2) account name 'breadloaf' with a password of br3adl0af . Note that IP printing has 'not' been configured in the Apple Cellar so the local accounts cannot print.

Staying in touch

Email: Copy the "Davison Desk Staff" distribution list on ALL emails re: Davison (updates, queries, sub requests, etc). The core Davison Library staff will receive these emails. Also, the "Library Circulation Services" mailbox will also receive these emails—this mailbox is checked by the Circ supervisor on duty at the Davis Family Library.


The "Davison Desk" calendar is in Outlook. Please consult it for the most up-to-date scheduling information.


Circ staff use the Circulation Services blog to post updates related to the Circ desks at all branches. The blog is searchable and can be sorted by tags such as "BLSE"

Accessing Outlook and Calendars on the Davison Circ Desk computer

Option 1) When logged in as breadloaf, open Internet Explorer (you must use Internet Explorer) and login to Webmail. When you use Webmail with Internet Explorer you get almost all of Outlook’s options, including Calendar, Public Folders, and access to other mailboxes. If you’re not sure how to access any of these options, please call the Helpdesk and we can walk you through accessing what you need through Webmail on Internet Explorer.

Option 2) Anyone needing access to Outlook on this computer will need to logout of the breadloaf account (Start => Log off), then at the login screen login with your own Middlebury College username. Outlook is then available next to the Start menu, and on the start menu => programs => Microsoft Office. If, when you login as yourself, Outlook complains about the server being unavailable, please call the Helpdesk and ask us to guide you through creating a new Outlook profile.

Accessing the shared BLSE Circulation folder

O drive "middfiles" ->ORGS folder

->LIS folder

->Circulation Services folder -> Summer – BL and LS folder -> Breadloaf School of English folder

To activate your College email account

1. Type go/activate into your web browser and press enter

2. In the ID field type your 8-digit College ID number (using leading zeros to complete 8 digits)

3. In the PIN field type your 6-digit birth date in MMDDYY format. If you’ve logged into Banner Web in the past (for grades, financial aid), then you need to type the 6-digit PIN number you created previously.

4. You will be given your username; follow the instructions on the screen to create your new password

To forward email to an alternate email provider

1. Type go/forward into your web browser and press Enter.

2. Enter your Middlebury College e-mail username and password.

3. Type the e-mail address that your mail should be forwarded to (Breadnet, Yahoo, etc.) then click "Make Changes" button.

Please contact the Middlebury College Helpdesk at 802-443-2200 with questions about ID numbers or PIN numbers.

For more details, refer to Mail Forwarding.

Requesting Delivery of Library Materials via MIDCAT

1. Type go/midcat into web browser

2. Locate item by entering author, title, keyword, etc.

3. Click either "Request this title" on left side of page, or "Request" button at top of page

4. Log in with your Middlebury username (the part before the @) and password

5. Choose pick-up location from drop down menu: “Davison Library (Bread Loaf),” then click “Submit” at bottom of page

6. To request another item, click “Regular Display” button to return to catalog

Please note: materials not found in MIDCAT can be requested via go/ill

Requesting Library Materials via ILL

-if an item is not owned by the College

1. Type go/ill in your browser for the “Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)” homepage

  • Type user name and password
  • Click “Logon to ILLiad”

2. Select an option under “New Requests” on top of page

  • Complete as much information as you can and click “Submit Request” button
  • When completing the “User Information” section, please select “Davison Library” as the Delivery Site

3. You will receive an email when your requested material has been delivered to the Davison Library (or electronically via email)

Finding Book Reserves

1. Select the Reserves tab on the “Library Quick Search” box 2. Type the last name of the faculty member and click “Instructor Name Search” 3. If more than one course is listed, select appropriate course 4. The reserve list will appear in alphabetical order by book title. If desired, the buttons above the columns can sort the list alphabetically by author last name or call number.

Requesting Items for Reserve (for faculty)

1. Locate item in MIDCAT

2. Click on “Put on reserve” icon on the right side of the page

3. Complete form (be sure to select “Davison” location in pull-down menu)

4. Click submit

Materials will be processed at the Davis Family Library, and sent in the bin to Davison.

Instructions for Receiving Bins at Davison - Incoming

1. When a bin arrives at Davison, unpack and check in each item in Millennium. Print a hold slip for Middlebury and ILL items and fold lengthwise, then insert into item.

2. Shelve on Davison Holdshelf - alphabetical by borrower's last name – spine facing the back of the shelf – borrower name visible from the desk

3. Use rubber bands to bundle together items for the same borrower

4. Books that belong in the general collection at Davison will have their "in transit" status cleared and will then be ready for re-shelving. Reserve items will also be sent in the bin, and will have a dot on the spine label. Check in to clear "in transit" status and shelve in Reserves area.

Instructions for Sending Bins to the Davis Family Library - Outgoing

1. When you check in an item at Davison that belongs at the Davis Family Library, make sure the status changes to "in transit." You do not need to print the transit slip. Place item in the outgoing bin

2. Please pack the books in the bin carefully. Spine to spine is the way the books should travel to minimize damage to the pages

3. Do not send Davison Reserve items back to Davis Family Library

How to enter a patron record in Millennium

File -> New Patron

Set expiration date (9/1/2012)

Enter Patron type 160 (BLSE)

Enter Name (Last name, First name)

Enter email address

Enter address

Swipe College ID card (or type in College ID number)

Enter telephone

Then click "Save/Close" button on top

Close out of record and swipe/type College ID to make sure it works

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