Dragon Export

The following instructions serve as a step by step guide to export a Quicktime Movie from Dragon Stop Motion software in the Film and Media Culture Labs.

  • Choose File->Export to Quicktime once you have created something wonderful.
Export to Quicktime
  • To create a lower resolution quicktime movie that will be viewable on most computers use the following settings.

  • Note: For both this and the higher resolution export, only check the "Crop to aspect ratio" box if you used a mask in the animation window.
Lower Resolution Quicktime Settings
  • To create a high resolution quicktime movie use the following settings.

  • Note1: The resolution is reduced to 50% because exporting every image at 100% is a tremendous amount of data and often overloads the computer. This reduced resolution quicktime is still higher resolution than that of HD video. If you would like a higher resolution video, you can increase the percentage.
  • Note2: If you are working on the mac mini, the resolution of the camera is lower, and you should be able to export at 100% scale.
Higher Resolution Quicktime Settings
  • Save the movie in the appropriate location (Xsan_Media->CourseName->YourName->ProjectName).
  • Use the following Movie Settings for Playback and Viewing.
Movie Settings

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