Drupal Alumni Profiles

Alumni Profiles are a new content type created for academic departments and the Center for Careers & Internships to highlight how alumni are using their Middlebury education in particular fields of study.

Images for Alumni Profiles

The profiles use two sizes of images which we suggest you prepare in advance.

Image Name Used In Width Height
  • Individual profiles
  • Lists of profiles
200px 260px
Wide Image * Profile carousels 390px 260px

After you have created and sized your images, upload them to Drupal using the instructions on creating File Uploads. It is recommended that you create a separate File Uploads page for each department's profile images, to keep them organized.

Creating new Alumni Profiles

It is up to you how to organize your profiles, but here is a possible information architecture:

  • Office or Department Site
    • Alumni Profiles (will show a list of profiles)
      • Alumni #1
      • Alumni #2
      • Alumni #3
  1. Create the Alumni Profiles page by adding a sub-page to the department/office site. See the Alumni Profiles Views section for information on setting up the lists of profiles later on.
  2. Create a sub-page of the Alumni Profiles page for each alum whose profile you are going to add.
  3. On a named alum sub-page, click Add in the Contents section of the Edit Console.
  4. Click on Alumni Profile in the list of content types in the center of the page.
  5. The Name is the full name of the alum as you wish it to be displayed. Do not include class year.
  6. Choose the Image and (if applicable) Wide Image for the alum that you created and uploaded to the site already. See the Images for Alumni Profiles section for instructions on this process
  7. Check the appropriate Major(s) for this alum. These will be displayed alphabetically in a comma-separated list in list views of alumni profiles.
  8. Enter the Full Job Title in the appropriate field. This will be displayed when viewing a single alumni profile.
  9. Enter the Short Job Title in the appropriate field, or leave blank to use the value from the Full Job Title field. This will be displayed when viewing lists of profiles.
  10. Enter the text for the Profile of the alum. This will be displayed when viewing a single profile.
  11. Enter the Class Year for the alum as a four digit year value with an optional single decimal point, e.g. 2014 or 2014.5.
  12. Enter the Tagline for the alum. This is the pull quote that will be displayed when viewing a single alumni profile and in carousels of alumni profiles.
  13. Click Save

Alumni Profiles Views

Lists of Alumni Profiles can be displayed using one of two shortcodes with some additional options.

View Name Shortcode
Four Column List (CCI Site w/ Sort Dropdown) [view:alumni_profiles=default]
Carousel [view:alumni_profile_slider=default]
Auto-cycling Carousel [view:alumni_profile_slider=block_2]

Views Arguments

The Four Column List and Carousel views accept a Major as an argument to pre-filter the view. The value for this argument should be the capitalized subject code for the major. For example, to show a Four Column List of History Major alumni, use this shortcode:


As a second example, here is the shortcode for a Carousel showing Dance Majors:


As a third example, here is the shortcode for an auto-cycling Carousel showing Dance and Classics Majors:


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