Drupal Arts Calendar

Creating Arts Calendar Events

To create a new Arts Calendar Event:

  • Go to the (hidden) test page for Event Nodes. This page is simply a container for event nodes, and should remain hidden from users. The event display occurs on the Views set up on the visible pages.
  • Add a Sub-page for the month (if it doesn't exist), or navigate to the event's month page.
  • Add content, and select Event as the type.
  • MiddTags: this field must contain the "Arts Calendar" tag. If it does not, the event will not display on the Arts Calendar Event view.
  • Image: the view will size the image to a width of 200px, however the smaller the original uploaded image is, the quicker the Events pages will load.
  • Date & Time: each entry will display in an un-ordered list.

Displaying Arts Calendar Events by month

To add an Arts Calendar Event view to a page:

  • Go to the (hidden) test page for Events. You can create a new Sub-page for the month you wish to display.
  • Add a Sub-page for the month if it doesn't exist, and navigate to the page.
  • Add content and select View Node as the type.
  • Enter a title, and in the View to Display field, select arts_calendar_events - Block.
  • In the arguments field, enter the time span in which to display events in the following format:


Ex to display March events: 2017-03-01--2017-03-31

  • Save the content, and Arts Calendar events tagged as "Arts Calendar" within the indicated date will display on the page.
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