Drupal Facebook Element

The Facebook Element content type lets you put interactive features from Facebook onto your site. These can either be used to have people interact with your Facebook page or to have people interact with your Drupal page in Facebook (by sharing the page, for example).

Creating the Facebook Element

  1. Navigate to the page where you want the Facebook Element to appear and log in.
  2. Click Add in the blue Content section of the Edit Console.
  3. Click Facebook Element in the list of available content types in the middle of the page.
  4. In the URL to Like field:
  5. Enter a Width for your Facebook Element. The recommended value is 200 for Facebook items in sidebars or 660 for items in the main content region.
  6. Enter a Color Scheme for your Facebook Element. If this is on a white background, Light is the recommended option.
  7. Choose whether to Show Faces on the Facebook Element. This only applies to Like Buttons and Like Boxes.
  8. Choose the Type of Facebook Element to create. See below for a description of the types and their custom options.

Embedded Post

Embedded Posts are a simple way to put public posts - by a Page or a person on Facebook - into the content of your web site or web page. Only public posts from Facebook Pages and profiles can be embedded.

For this option, enter the URL of the Facebook post into the URL to Like field.

Like Button

A single click on the Like button will 'like' pieces of content on the web and share them on Facebook. You may choose to use either the word "Like" or "Recommend" for the button. They both do exactly the same thing, only the word is different. You can also display a Share button next to the Like button to let people add a personal message and customize who they share with.

There are four layouts available:

Standard with Count on Right Facebook Button Standard.png
Button with Count Inside Facebook Button Box.png
Box with Count Above Facebook Button Count.png
Button Facebook Button.png

Like Box / Page Plugin

The Page Plugin (formerly called the Like Box by Facebook) lets you easily embed and promote any Facebook Page on your website. Just like on Facebook, your visitors can like and share the Page without having to leave your site.

Facebook Like Box.png


The Comments Plugin lets people comment on content on your site using their Facebook account. If people wish to they can share this activity to their friends in News Feed as well. It also contains built-in moderation tools and special social relevance ranking.

The only unique option for the Comments feature is the number of comment threads to show at once.

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