Drupal Gallery

The Gallery content type can be used to show a series of images. There are many ways to configure this feature. This documentation will cover what we consider the simplest and most common configuration.

Create a New File Uploads Page

It is best to create a new File Uploads page, with a name that identifies it as being used by your gallery, to hold all the images for your Gallery. This makes selecting and ordering the images significantly easier. You can create this as a child page of your existing File Uploads page, if you have one.

See the steps to create a new File Uploads page.

Add the Images

See Drupal File Upload#Creating File Uploads for the steps to upload the images to your new File Uploads page.

Create the Gallery

On the page where you want the Gallery to appear:

  1. Click Add in the blue Content section of the Edit Console.
  2. Select Gallery from the list of content types.
  3. Add a Title to the Gallery.
  4. Click Add in the Images section.
    1. Browse to your new File Uploads page in the tree browser in the left pane of the window that opened and click on it.
    2. Click Select all in the right pane.
  5. Select your appearance options as desired. For the thumbnail size:
    • The width of the content on a page with a sidebar is 450px (standard)
    • The width of the content on a page without a sidebar is 680px (large)
  6. Click save.

Embedding Galleries in other Content

You can use the following shortcode to embed a Gallery in other content, such as a News article.


Where the ###### is the node ID of the Gallery. This is the part of the URL for the Gallery that looks like "node/######".

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