Drupal Promotional Calendar

You can now add dynamic events calendars to your sites. To do this, use the new Promotional Calendar content type in Drupal. Calendars can be added to the center, left or right sidebars.

Before you add a calendar, you will need to contact the Department of Event Management, x. 5362. Each department will receive a webName after the content and format of the calendar are determined. See below for instructions on how to add the calendar to your site AFTER you have received confirmation that a calendar has been created. (You will receive a calendar webName at that time).

  1. Go to the page or sidebar where you'd like to add the Calendar
  2. Click Add in the Edit Console
  3. Select Promotional Calendar from the list of content types
  4. Enter your department's webName in the webName field
  5. Enter the type of Calendar in the spudType field (see below)
  6. Press the save button

Calendar Types

spudType: main A large list of events like you see on the [Campus Events] page. Should only be used in the center of a page.

spudType: upcoming A list of events like you see on the [LIS home page]. Can be used in the center or a sidebar.

spudType: datefinder A monthly grid calendar. Can be used in the sidebar with a main calendar in the center.

spudType: chooser Put this in the sidebar to let people change the way they see a "main" calendar in the center of the page.

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