Drupal Story

A "Story" is almost identical to a "Basic Content" in how it is created and how it appears. However, a "Story" is intended to be no more than a few sentences is length. It also has 2 additional features: a location and a link to more information.


  1. Make sure you are logged on.
  2. Navigate to the page you wish to add content to.
  3. Locate the "Edit Console" in the top left of the screen. Click the "Add" tab.
    1. The screen now lists all the content types.
  4. Click the "Story" link.
    1. The screen now shows the "Story" editing interface.
  5. In the "Title" text field, give your content a title.
  6. In the "Body" text field, type your content.
  7. Add the necessary links, images, and videos.
  8. Adding a location is optional. If you wish to add a location, click the "Location" link below the "Body" text field.
    1. A new list of options appears. Filling in this information will cause it to appear with your story, as well as a link to a map of your location.
  9. In the "URL" text field, type in the address of a website with more information on this story.
  10. If necessary, alter the appearance, set publish dates, and set permissions lists.
  11. When you are done adding the content, scroll down and click the "Save" button.
    1. The screen returns to "View" mode.
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