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I How to purchase ebook titles from EBL August 3 2015

EBL first page

Find title

If the title is not yet visible to us in Midcat you have to mark it as visible then in the export pull down menu click on MARC Records (marc8), then GO and download the file. Send this along to Michael and continue with the purchase procedure.

If already visible to is, continue:

Click on Add to cart if price is $150.00 or less. (If it exceeds $150.00 buy print instead)

At top, YOUR CART shows 1

Click on YOUR CART


No need to add a fund code

No need to add comments

Attach files: click on MARC 8

Add your email address

At bottom: PLACE ORDER

You will soon receive an email confirmation from confirmations@eblib.com with the subject : EBL Acquisition Confirmation

II Item Records for ebook purchases

We add item records to all purchased ebooks. When email confirmation arrives forward it to Michael and include reserve class number and faculty name, if necessary. Ask him to add an item record to this purchase and then forward the message on to Kellam. (Do same without the Kellam part if it’s a non-reserve purchase.)

III Create order record on Millennium

Go to Admin- Settings and choose the special order record template: EBLebook ebook purchase

Enter the price that appears on the email you received and if this is for a reserve class, please also change Order Code 2 to W Rush Reserve. (No need to enter the class info in a notes field—this will just be for running reports about ebook reserves).


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