Epson Expression 10000 Setup

The following instructions explain how to set up the Epson 10000XL Scanner.

  • Check to make sure scanner is turned on and all cables are attached. The power button is located on the front face next to the READY and ERROR lights. This READY light will be green when the scanner is properly turned on.
  • Open the SilverFast application from your desktop. If it is not in the desktop, it should be in the applications section of finder.
Open SilverFast
  • Choose SilverFast (EpsonIT8).
  • Click Continue to SilverFast...
  • The SilverFast application interface opens and you are confronted with a multitude of options.
  • Press PRESCAN to be presented with a preview of your image.
  • Press SCAN to scan and save your file. Pressing SCAN will open a save dialog box. Choose a name, format, and destination and then press SAVE
  • Enjoy your scanned material.
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