FCE Setup

The following instructions serve as an introduction and a step by step guide to set up a Final Cut Express session in Axinn 105 or the Wilson Media Lab.

  • Turn on the power to the computer if it is not already on.
  • Log in using your middlebury username and password.
  • Launch Final Cut Express.
Launch Final Cut Express
  • If you see this message and you plan on capturing footage make sure that your camera or miniDV deck is connected properly via firewire and that the power is on and the device is in the Playback mode. Choose Check Again. If you don't plan on capturing footage, choose "Continue".
No Device Connected Warning
  • Save your project by selecting File -> Save Project As ->
Save Project As
  • Name your project "FirstName_AssignmentName" and choose "FMMC_HD200GB_XX->ProjectName->" for your save destination. Choose Save.
Save Dialogue
  • Choose an Easy Setup by selecting Final Cut Express -> Easy Setup ->.
Final Cut Express -> Easy Setup
  • Choose DV-NTSC as your format.
Choose "DV NTSC"
  • Select Final Cut Express -> System Settings -> to set the scratch disk where captured media will be saved.
Final Cut Express -> System Settings
  • Select the topmost "Set" button -> and choose "FMMC_HD200GB_XX->ProjectName".
Choose "Set"
Choose Save Location
  • Set the Waveform Cache, Thumbnail Cache, and AutoSave Vault to the same location by selecting "Set" and choose "FMMC_HD200GB_XX->ProjectName".
  • Select OK to save the settings.
Final Scratch Settings


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