FCP Archiving

The following instructions describe how to archive or backup a Final Cut Pro project.

  • This tutorial assumes that you have a final cut pro project in progress or finished that is ready to be archived.
  • Click once in the Final Cut Pro Browser to make it the active window. Without anything highlighted in the browser select File->Media Manager. Note that you can also archive individual sequences or clips by selecting only those items in the browser before launching Media Manager.
File->Media Manager.
  • The Media Manager launches and you can adjust the settings to your needs. As a starting point use the settings in the image here:

COPY media referenced by duplicated items

check - include render files

check - include master files outside selection

uncheck - delete unused media from duplicated items

Base media file names on EXISTING FILE NAMES

check - duplicate selected items and place them in a new project

check - include non-active multiclip angles

Media Manager Settings
  • Select "Browse" and choose the destination that you would like to move the project and associated media to. This should be a different destination than the hard drive that you are currently working on for backup purposes.
Browse to destination
  • Select "OK". Wait for Media Manager to move your media to the new location and create a new final cut project file in the new location. Browse to the new location in the finder window to make sure that everything got transferred. Open the new project file to make sure that no media is offline.

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