FIC Freeman 1

Power on the System – Press the Power Icon on the touch panel, this will take you to the main menu.

Project from HDMI - Press the HDMI icon at the top of the touch panel screen. Connect the HDMI cable to your computer. If you do not have projection, (PC) press the windows key on the keyboard and P at the same time. A new window will appear with projection options, choose duplicate. (Mac) press Command key on the keyboard and F1 key on the keyboard at the same time.

Project from AppleTV/AirPlay – Press the AppleTV icon on the touch panel at the top of the screen. On your computer, click on the AirPlay icon at the top of the screen on the right. It looks like a rectangle with a triangle inserted into the bottom. Select the room you are in from the list. A 4-digit code will appear on the projection screen. Type that code into your computer. As soon as you have finished typing the code, you should have projection.

Playing Blu-ray/DVD – Press the Blu-ray icon at the top of the touch panel screen. You may need to power on the blu-ray player. Insert your disc and press play. You can control the blu-ray player from the touch panel.

For assistance, contact the Helpdesk at x2200.

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