Find Videos (DVDs, VHS Cassettes, Laser Discs)

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All the films in our library can be found through MidCat. Use the Library Quick Search box, found on the Library page. Click on the "Videos" tab to do a search:

Quick search videos.jpg

Search terms can include keyword, title (series title for TV shows, not episode title), author (directors and writers of films and shows can be searched under the "author" heading), and several others.  Languages and genres can also be searched.  To get a list of all titles within a language or genre, select the appropriate language/genre, then put an asterisk (*) in the search box.  For all TV shows in a separate list, use the appropriate drop down option in "genres" and put an asterisk in the search box.

Additionally, a quick video search for each language has been incorporated into the Research Guides.

Discerning Media Type by Call Number

No matter which call number classification is used, we insert a letter at the very end of the call number to identify media format; for example: PN 1997 .L5769 A1 1999D.  That "D" at the very end signifies a DVD.  Other possibilites include "B" for blu-ray disc, "V" for videocassette, "L" for laserdisc, and "U" for 3/4" U-matic cassette.

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