Fitzsimmons Mayan City

Mayan City Editing

List of Technologies and Skills

  • Blender Modeling
  • Blender UV Mapping
  • Java Scripting Code
  • Unity Game Engine
  • Unity Scene Creation


This is a good intermediate project however there are some skills which will increase the odds of success for this project.
The animator will want to be very proficient at modeling. This means an ability to construct optimized and skinned models in Blender.
The animator will also want to be proficient in photoshop in order to accomplish the uv mapping.
The animator will need to have some familiarity programming because adding action scripts in Unity requires an extensive knowledge of Java based procedures.

Work Flow

  1. Build the models in blender
  2. Make 128 x 128 textures for these models
  3. Export the models as a 3d Studio file
  4. Save the texture and the 3d Studio file in a folder
  5. Move the folder with your models into the assets folder of Unity (see Unity Manual)
  6. Assemble the scene with a first person camera and all objects using Unity Interface
Adding Functionality through Scripts
  1. Under the Assets Menu Create a New Script
  2. Add the desired functionality keeping in mind that the engine is object oriented with the varables capable of being defined through dynamic assignment
  3. Drag the Script into the properties of a given object in the scene or game editor.
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