The following instructions serve as an introduction to FlipShare which is the software that is bundled with the Flip Video Camera.

  • Turn on the power to the computer if it is not already on.
  • Log in using your middlebury username and password.
  • Launch FlipShare.
Launch FlipShare
  • Connect your Flip video camera to an open USB port. The USB connector on the Flip does not fit into the USB inputs on the keyboard so you will need to connect it to the back of the iMac.
  • First we need to change the save location so the clips that you shot get saved to your external hard drive. Choose FlipShare->Preferences.
  • Choose the Library tab and select "Change Location".
Change Save Location
  • Make sure that your external firewire drive is connected then browse to the hard drive and make a new folder called "Aesthetics". Set the save location here.
Browse to external HD
  • The FlipShare application will close after the save location has been changed. Launch FlipShare again.
  • You should now see thumbnails of the video clips on your Flip camcorder. At the bottom click on "Select->All". Then choose "Save to Computer".
Save to Computer
  • A confirmation window pops up that gives you the option to delete the files from the camcorder. If you are unsure just click "yes" without checking any boxes.
Confirmation Window
  • The application will now capture all of the clips that were on the camcorder to your external hard drive. In the bottom left corner of the user interface there is a progress bar that will tell you when this process is finished.
Progress Bar
  • After all of the files have transferred you can eject the Flip camcorder by clicking on the eject icon at the top left corner of the UI. You can safely remove the Flip from the back of the computer and quit the FlipShare program.
Eject Flip and Quit
  • Now you are prepared to move on to FCE Setup.


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