Foreign Broadcast Information Service Daily Reports (FBIS)

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What is the FBIS?

The Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) is an agency of the United States government. It monitors foreign broadcasts, news agency transmissions, newspapers, periodicals, and government statements from around the globe and publishes translations of all this material in the FBIS Daily Reports, which we have as follows:

Region Microfiche Indexes
Central Eurasia PrEx7.10:FBIS-SOV 1979-1995 Govt Docs Ref DK1 D342a 1978-1996
(formerly Soviet Union)
China PrEx7.10:FBIS-CHI 1980-1996 Gov Docs Ref DS701 U572 1978-1996
East Asia PrEx7.10:FBIS-EAS 1987-1996 Govt Docs Ref DS1 U592 1985-1996
(formerly Asia & Pacific) PrEx7.10:FBIS-APA 1985-87
East Europe PrEx7.10:FBIS-EEU 1987-1996 Govt Docs Ref DJK1 D34 1988-1996
Latin America PrEx7.10:FBIS-LAT 1990-1996
Near East & South Africa PrEx7.10:FBIS-NES 1991-1996
Sub-Saharan Africa PrEx7.10:FBIS-AFR 1991-1996
West Europe PrEx7.10:FBIS-WEU 1990-1996

The FBIS Daily Reports were discontinued in 1996.

Publications Included:

Central Eurasia

: Texts of speeches, commentaries from Moscow Radio, TASS, and radio and TV broadcasts from the Commonwealth States. Articles and editorials from regional newspapers and journals, such as Pravda, Izvestiya, Kransnaya Zvezda.


: Major releases of the New China News Agency and Beijing Radio. Items from People's Daily and Red Flag.

East Asia

: Radio and press coverage of nations along the western Pacific littoral (except People's Repubic of China.) Press coverage of Japan's Akahata

; Hanoi's Nhan Dan and HOC Tap. Speeches and reports from Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, The Republic of China, and the Philippines.

East Europe

: Speeches and commentaries from broadcast and press agencies of all eight nations. Articles and editorials from the official press and periodicals such as Yugoslavia's Kommunist, East Germany's Neues and Deutschland, and Czechoslovakia's Rude Pravo.

Latin America

: News reports, speeches, and commentaries broadcast from major capitals including Havana, Bogota, Lima, and Santiago, and by press services such as Latin,Telam, ANSA,and EFE. Articles and editorials from such newspapers as Brazil's O Globo, Argentina's La Nacion, and Havana's Gramma.

Near East and South Africa

: Editorials, commentaries, speeches, radio reports, from Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, the Arabic lands are included. Items are quoted from Izvestia, MENA, Al-Watan, INA, and Ukaz.

Sub-Saharan Africa

: Newspaper articles, radio reports, press conferences, editorials, speeches, and commentaries from such services as Lagos Domestic Service, Dakar PANA, Johannesburg SAPA, Kinshasha AZAP. The Republic of South Africa, Angola, and other Sub-Saharan African countries are represented. West Europe

: Commentaries, speeches, and reports from press agencies, broadcast, and newspapers. Emphasis on leaders' speeches and major events in each country, the European Community, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, and NATO. Includes coverage of periodicals such as Italy's L'UNITA and France's L'Humanite.

Index Format

Until 1996 we subscribed to indexes for four of the eight regions. The East Asia and East Europe indexes are arranged alphabetically by country and then by subject within that country. Personal names may be found as first level main headings and as second level entries under the name of the country or organization with which the person is affiliated.

The China and Soviet Union indexes have first level subject headings that differentiate international relations and national affairs. Subjects in the national affairs section may have sub-headings. For example:

China, People's Republic--National Affairs
agriculture  crops

See the Introduction in each index volume for additional information about the arrangement of the indexes.

Index Entries

Entries include the following elements:




Mar 29 89 35--Walessa arrives in Warsaw for Government talks

date and page of FBIS Daily Report 'title of article

To use the microfiche

Go to the microfiche cabinets along the wall on the east side of the compact shelving for the Government Documents area and look for microfiche with call numbers outlined above. Then find the microfiche for the date indicated in the index. Place the microfiche in the microfiche reader-printer and move the carrier to the page reference given. Return microfiche in envelopes to the box marked "Refile by Staff" on top of the microfiche cabinets.

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