Geolytics Census DVD Research Package


Geolytics Census DVD Research Package allows enhanced searching of census data for download or mapping. Includes 1970, 1980, 1990, and 2000 Census data, 2000 Redistricting Data, 1990 Data in 2000 boundaries, and a neighborhood change database for tracking tract-level data 1970-2000 in original boundaries or normalized to 2000 boundaries.


  1. Checkout the DVD’s from the Main Library Circulation Desk with accompanying User Guide(s). The DVD’s should be used in the library, due to their high replacement costs.
    Call Numbers:
    Media HA201.122 C455 2004 pt. 1-3 (DVD’s)
    Media HA201.122 C45 guide c.1 (covers neighborhood change)
    Media HA201.122 C45 guide c.2 (covers the main databases)
  2. To use the DVD’s, they will have to be installed on a PC. To install the DVD’s, load Disk One in a drive, navigate to it on the computer (under My Computer, look for the CD icon), open it and click on the setup.exe file and follow directions. Accept the defaults. The serial number is 3093762087451
  3. Once the software is loaded. Click on Start ► Programs ► Census RP
  4. You will need to insert the correct DVD in the drive and choose the appropriate program to run it. The choices are labeled slightly different than the CD labels

Census CD 1970
Disk 1 (1970 Long Form)
Census CD 1980
Disk 1 (1980 Long Form)
Census CD 1990 Blocks
Disk 1
Census CD 1990 Long Form
Disk 1
Census CD 2000 Blocks
Disk 2
Census CD 2000 Redistricting
Disk 2
Census CD 2000 SF1
Disk 2 (Short Form, 100% data)
Census CD 2000 SF1 Blocks
Disk 2 (Short Form blocks, 100% data)
Census CD 1990-2000
Disk 3 (1990 Long Form in 2000)
Census CD 2000 Long Form
Disk 3
Disk 3 (Neighborhood Change Data)

Once you open the software (with the correct DVD in the drive), you will briefly see a screen identifying the product before getting a gray screen with a menu and buttons at the top. You are ready to begin selecting your data.


IF YOU ARE A FIRST TIME USER, Click on Help ► Getting Started and also consult the user guides (that you checked out with the DVD’s). The guides are also on the DVD’s (navigate to the files from the CD drive folders). You may also schedule an appointment with a librarian for help with this product, see http://go.middlebury.edu/askus

The two accompanying guides have detailed directions on choosing your area, your variables, and running a report to see your data. Note: The NCDB interface is slightly different than the Census CD interface, hence the separate guide.

Also note that there are prompts at the bottom of the screen to help guide you through the selection process but overall it is not intuitive. Expect trial & error to learn this product.

The phone number for user support at Geolytics is 1-800-577-6717 (generally 9:30-5:30 Mon. – Friday)

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