HD Settings

These settings were used in Final Cut and DVD Studio Pro to help produce an HD formatted video for Tom Manley.

Final Cut

Right click on Sequence 1 and chose settings

  • Frame Size: 960x720 HD (960x720)(16:9)
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio: HD 960x720
  • Field Dominance: Lower (Even)
  • Compressor: HDV 720p30
  • Quality: 100%

If you make these changes in the Sequence Settings, you will have to remove clips from the timeline and then add them again. Any clips that you do not remove and add will have the previous settings.

For Exporting (Quicktime Compression) Video Settings

  • HDV 720p30
  • Frame Rate: Current
  • Key Frames: Every 24 Frames
  • Data Rate: Restrict to 6400 kbits/sec

I tried burning the DVD in iDVD, and it looked like garbage. I brought it into the Wilson Lab and used DVD Studio Pro and got a product that, visually, only had a [[slight loss in quality.

DVD Studio Pro

DVD Studio Pro -> Preferences

  • MPEG-2 HD
  • Field Order: Auto
  • Two Pass VBR
  • Max Bit Rate: 29 Mbps
  • Bit Rate: 24.7 (you have to adjust Max Bit Rate first to be able to adjust this high enough)
  • Motion Estimation: Best
  • Encode on Build

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