HEAT/Updates (Feb, 2011)

RM 102282 – Force Call Re-Open set to ‘No’ will not allow users to add Journals.

RM 120524 – Include all Email header information when using the Create Journal option when using the Send Message AutoTask Action.

RM 123523 – HSS-Unified Login requires user to click the ‘Login’ button to actually Login.

RM 125215 – HSS-Users are not able to add Journal entries without having Edit Journal rights.

RM 125225 – MAPI listener fails on emails when processing emails with accented characters.

RM 133489 – Upgrade crashes if HEATSecG record has been created with the Web Config tool.

RM 133572 – Un-checking Unique Key flag on a field crashes the Administrator tool.

RM 134211 – HMC Web Listener interprets carriage returns as a square.

RM 134668 – HEAT cannot drop a table during the committing of an edit set when the Detail field is marked Unique.

RM 135164 – Inserted Date field format not editable on HTML Email action.

RM 135309 – Using the ‘Insert All Journals’ option shows HTML code in the outgoing Email.

RM 135704 – HMC-MAPI Listener hangs when accessing specific emails.

RM 135829 – Call Logging – Date Adjust is calculation is inconsistent when using Days, Hours, Minutes, and Help Desk Hours.

RM 135940 – Create Record from Call History populates Subset record with incorrect data.

RM 136385 – Switching Call Groups in Call Logging causes Call Logging to re-query the group.

RM 136387 – Switching calls inside a Call Group re-queries the Call Group.

RM 137195 – Setting the Customer Type filter causes HEATErr log entires.

RM 137964 – Users can’t execute a Simple Search if they populate the search value by using the Browse option.

RM 137965 – Incorrect Error happens when attempt to Acknowledge an Assignment.

RM 137972 – HMC-Using the Do Not Update Destination field flag in action definition cause the Email to bypass filters.

RM 137978 – Flashing on Call Log screen causes Call Logging to be in operable

The following patch includes 2 fixes for HEAT Self Service and Web Based Call Logging . The following issues have been addressed with this release:

RM 96452 – Validating First or Last Name on the Subset while in Web Based Call Logging is not auto filling the rest of the fields like it does in the rich client.

RM 123258 – The Session Timeout feature for Web Based Call Logging and HEAT Self Service does not work consistently.

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