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Helpdesk Staff Requests

  1. An option to select that would alert person checking it when resolution is found (Watch Ticket).
  2. Need option for Cause field called "User Error".   (or does "How To" cover that well enough? -- nb)
  3. Need option for Category: Account Management, Call Type:  Virus/Malware/SPAM (currently just SPAM) - ljk
  4. Need option for Cause field called Virus/Malware/SPAM (currently just Virus/Malware) - ljk
  5. Want the HEAT record to be able to pick up the registered cell phone number of our clients (students, faculty, staff) so we don't have to get that data from them.  We could just confirm instead and we would be covered if we forget altogether.   This data is in the emergency contact info in Banner.  - ljk
  6. Quick ticket option to report printer problems - minimum clicks possible to create ticket for load paper, clear job, clear jam and/or install toner - ncb
  7. Can we configure screens keeping the order of completion in mind?  For instance, on the Journal tab on has to click the icon on the bottom of the screen to open a new jounal entry, then travel to the very top to use the Journal Type drop-down list, before heading back down to complete the journal entry.  Granted, the current setup automatically puts one into the Journal Entry text field after using the Journal Type ddl but it would still be a time/effort saver to have the Journal Type ddl just above the New Entry icon.  ljk - who is really feeling picky, picky, picky today!
  8. Need to reassess the journals that go out for Training Requests - On Campus Workshops - there is a journal entry that interfers with the confirmation autotask. ljk
  9. Need a College ID Lookup call type for the category of Passwords & PINs.  ljk
  10. Need to be able to reassign tickets to a customer named Opps so when ATG goes berserk, or we make a mistake, it won't look like a certain customer has a huge call history...an Opps checkbox would do it.  ljk
  11. A "reminder" option for things like someone wanting privileges for student workers to expire.  It should just create a reminder on a calendar or send an email to a folder at the appointed time.  ljk

Helpdesk Student Consultant Requests

1. We need a call type or category for "Virus". The "spam" call type is not synonymous to "virus." -Raja

Requests from Sources Outside the Helpdesk

  1. Ticket #290998 Is it possible when you send back emails about our "tickets" to add words in the subject line about the issue that is being addressed? For the person requesting your help, we do not think of it in terms of ticket #s but rather the issue we contacted you about. If there is a way for you to do so, it'd be a huge help-- especially with high volume of email and the fact that we may have multiple tickets going at one time.   (We could do this with a text field that we could type a short subject line into and it could be preceeded or followed by the ticket number in the subject line of any emails going out - it should not be a regurgitation of the category and call type)

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