Hyperion Reinstall Steps

Note: This bug where the Hyperion reporting plug-in does not permanently install is because of the upgrade to Internet Explorer 7. It is one of several issues we've been having with IE7 but we have decided that the risks of trying to stay with IE6 (the old Internet Explorer) are higher than the costs of changing over.

  1. Log on to Hyperion. Notice that Hyperion has a "main window" (with the folders, the menu bar, and the red "Navigate" button). This is what I am talking about when I refer to the Hyperion main window.
  2. On the Hyperion main window, go to the TOOLS menu, move your mouse over the INSTALL submenu (but don't click), then look for an item "Interactive Reporting Web Client". Click on this and follow the install process that you are so familiar with.
  3. Once the install finishes and you are back at the Hyperion main window, navigate to a report (any report) and open it as normal. The report should open and run without needing to go through the install process a second time. Verify that you can see the report correctly, then close it.
  4. Back at the Hyperion main window, look for a bar at the top (above the "Navigate" button) saying something like "This website tried to install an ActiveX control". Click on that message and select "Run ActiveX control". It will ask you if you trust the publisher of the plug-in; say yes. You will probably need to go through the install process again; follow the install flow as normal.
  5. Once the install is finished, time to test it. Close Internet Explorer and all other programs, then open Hyperion up again, log in, and open a report. Hopefully the report will run without the Hyperion client needing to be re-installed again.
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