Importing Images into FCP

Importing From a Scanner

  • See This Article for information on configuring the HP Scanjet 5590 scanner.

  • Open Epson Scan.

  • Epson Scan opens in "Full Auto" Mode. If you need more specific control, select "Professional Mode" from the drop down menu.

  • If the image you're scanning is in black & white, chose 8-bit Grayscale setting under "Image Type." Otherwise, use "24 Bit Color."
  • Click "Preview" to get an overall look at the image. Use the Rectangular Marquee to select which portion of the image you would like to scan. Then click "Scan."

  • Select save location, filename and format in the File Save Settings box". .JPEG will probably be fine for most uses, but you can select .TIFF for best quality.

Prepping for Final Cut Pro

For best results (especially when working in standard definition), you'll want to prep images before importing them into Final Cut Pro. This is due to the many differences between how a computer and how a video monitor displays graphics.

See Improving the Look of Your Graphics and Text, and Technique: Prepping Still Images for Final Cut Pro, by Larry Jordan, for more detailed information into these differences.

The best method of prepping your images for Final Cut Pro is by using Adobe Photoshop.

  • Open your image in Photoshop

  • Crop your image to a 720:540 ratio. Select the Rectangular Marquee tool, then under the "Style" dropdown, select "Fixed Ratio".
  • Click and drag on the image to make your selection.
  • Crop your image to this selection by going to the "Image" menu and selecting "Crop".
  • Go to the "Image" menu and select "Image Size".

  • Change the size to 720 pixels wide, 540 pixels tall, with 72 pixels per inch resolution. If your image is currently larger than that, select "Bicubic Sharper" resampling.
  • Save your image. Use PNG format for best results.

Final Cut Pro Image Import

Now that your image(s) have been prepped, it's time to import them into Final Cut Pro. 

  • If you are importing many images, you may want to take advantage of the default "Still Duration" preference. This can be found under Final Cut Pro>User Preferences>Editing. If you know how long you want the duration of your images, set that now and save time having to adjust the length of each image individually. (Particularly useful when doing stop-motion animation).

  • Once you have set your still duration (if desired) it's time to import your images. Go to the "File" menu, select "Import" and "Files".

  • Navigate to the location of your image (Probably in your XSan folder) and select your image(s).

  • Your image should appear in your Browser, and you can now drag it into your timeline.

  • In addition to dragging in the timeline to alter the duration of the image, you can change the duration to a precise amount by right-clicking the image, selecting "Duration" and specifying a length in the box that pops up.

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