Installing a Xerox Workcentre 5150 Printer on Your Computer

 We have at least one Xerox Workcentr 5150 printer on-campus. It is setup to do job accounting, meaning that your ID must be programmed into the printer to you to be able to print. Furthermore, your computer needs to be configured so that you can input your ID when you print.

To print to this Xerox you need to:
1) Ask your coordinator or LIS to program your ID on the printer
2) Correctly install and configure the printer on your computer.

The sections below will guide you through correctly installing and configuring the printer.

Windows XP and Windows 7 (32bit)

Follow the standard instructions for connecting to a printer using Windows. No further configuration needed.

Mac OS X 10.6

  1. Install the Mac driver from Xerox. This one in particular seems to work at this time, but check the main driver page for the latest version.
  2. During the installation you will be prompted to choose the printer. Do not choose the printer at this point. Click Continue and confirm that you want to skip choosing the printer. Close the installation window.
  3. Follow the standard instructions for connecting to a printer using Mac OS X.
  4. After you've successfully added the printer to the printer list (step 3 above), you need to properly configure the printer settings. You can use any program to do that, but let's use Microsoft Word.
  5. Open Microsoft Word.
    Click File => Print.
    Select the Xerox printer you installed in step 3 from the list of printers.
    Click on the Copies and Pages dropbox and select Xerox Features.
    Click on the Paper/Output dropbox and select Advanced.
    Under Advanced, click on the button labeled Accounting.
    In the Accounting window, underAccounting System select Xerox Standard Accounting or Auditron. Leave all settings as they are and click OK.
    Click the Presets dropbox and click Save As.
    In the window that appears type a preset name that makes sense to you. For example, Xerox5150Accounting is a good option.
    Next to Preset Available For, select Only This Printer.
  6. When you print, your computer will prompt you to enter your ID number. This is your College numeric ID number (e.g. 12345). While the Xerox drive allows you to save your ID, we have found that this saved ID sometimes gets corrupted and prevents you from printing. Thus we recommend to set the driver so that it prompts for your ID when you print. We will update this page if we find there's a need to change this practice.
  7. 64-bit applications may not be supported for printing (as of November, 2011, this means you may be able to print from Word, but not Preview, for instance).  Applications can be set to run in 32-bit mode, though updated printer drivers may also address this issue in the future.
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