Internet2 (I2) is a consortium of U.S. and international leaders in research, academia, industry and government who create and collaborate via innovative technologies. In addition to over 440 member institutions—leading universities, corporations, government research agencies and not-for-profit networking organizations—the broader Internet2 community includes over 93,000 institutions across the U.S. and international networking partners representing more than 100 countries.

Middlebury joined the I2 consortium in July 2015 and is now part of 282 US institutions of higher education leading the effort to “ develop networking capabilities and advanced applications that take advantage of the high speed I2 network.” (http://www.internet2.edu/communities-groups/members/higher-education/)

While I2 is often associated with RI institutions, it offers exciting opportunities for Liberal Arts Colleges that focus on Arts and the Humanities. Past projects include performance collaborations across multiple sites, international performing arts production workshops, and digital content collections on demand.

For more information about I2, visit http://www.internet2.edu

To explore opportunities through Middlebury's I2 membership that could redefine how artists, faculty and researchers perform, teach and connect, contact Bill Koulopoulos at bkoul@middlebury.edu.

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