Khalifa Neuroscience

Neuroscience Animations

List of Technologies and Skills

  • Blender Modeling
  • Blender Animation
  • Blender UV Mapping and Texturing


This is a good beginner project however there are some skills which will increase the odds of success for this project.
The animator will want to be very proficient at modeling. This means an ability to construct optimized and skinned or textured models in Blender.
The animator will also want to be proficient in photoshop in order to accomplish the uv mapping and texturing.
The animator will need to have an extensive knowledge of both path animation and keyframe animation it will also be helpful to follow this Particle Animation Tutorial.

Work Flow

  1. The faculty member and the animator will storyboard an animation sequence
  2. The animator will create necessary models
  3. Use blender's internal materials panel to add color to objects when this is not sufficient UV map models.
  4. The animator will then animate the models according to the guidelines set out in the storyboard.
  5. The animator will then render the models as a raw dv sequence.
  6. The animator will then compress the completed animations for distribution
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