Known Image Issues


Symantec AntiVirus

  • Symantec AntiVirus causes a memory error at shutdown or restart. Possible cause: it tries to scan our shutdown scripts, but it tries tor reboot at the same time. Solution: add scripts folder to exclusions list in SAV. Disable/remove shutdown scripts.

DVD Playback

It was discovered that the DVD playback is not working on some Windows computers. Installing PowerDVD 8 fixes the issue. The UDI has been updated with the new version.

The installer for PowerDVD 8 is located on \\midd\middfiles\orgs\its\planning-evaluation\pc\powerdvd (helpdesk students and staff will have access to this).

To install PowerDVD 8:
• Double click install_powerdvd.bat
• You will be asked to remove the previous version, choose yes.
• Follow the wizard by clicking next

Logging in is slow

  • This typically happens when away from the MIDD domain (e.g., off-campus/at home)
  • Possible culprits: Old wireless drivers. Novell Client. Bluetooth. ?

Issues in Computer Labs

See Known Image Issues in PC Labs


Newer Images

Certain members of domain groups that are local administrators cannot add printers

  • Symptoms: System Preferences => Print & Fax allows you to unlock the preference pane, and you can click the plus "+" button to add a printer, however when you click "Add" in the Add Printer window, you are prompted to enter a username and password that's a member of the lpadmin group.
  • Cause: the lpadmin and the admin group are not kept in sync.
  • Solution 1 (Recommended):
    • Connect to smb://middfiles.middlebury.edu/middfiles/
    • Open Software => Software-Macintosh => Quick-Fixes
    • Double-click "Add Printer - Permissions Problem Fix (lpadmin).app"
  • Solution 2 (Alternative): Ensure that you are logged in as a user with administrative permissions. All helpdesk staff have admin permissions, so they can login as themselves. All faculty and staff are administrators on their college-given machines. Open Macintosh HD => Applications => Utilities => Terminal and type in:
dseditgroup -o edit -p -a admin -t group _lpadmin
  • You will be prompted for the currently logged in user's password.
  • Easier Workaround: Create a local user account and use that account to add printers.
  • Note: This is problem does not manifest itself for the person to whom this computer was assigned.

Self-assigned IP address after reimaging

  • Ensure that the Date and Time is accurate (System Preferences => Date and Time). 

Lab computer - no one can login

  • Symptoms: The login screen shakes and does not accept your password. Clicking on the name of the computer (above the user name box) reveals that "Network Accounts are Unavailable".
  • Cause 1: Network cable is unplugged.
  • Solution 1: Ensure that the network cable is connected.
  • Cause 2: Computer is in registration.
  • Solution 2: Contact the Helpdesk, give them the MIDD number of the computer (blue sticker on back or side of computer). Using this informatin the Helpdesk can manually register the computer. Once that's done, restart and login as normal. If this doesn't work they will create a ticket and assign it to the Lab group. The lab team will login with a local account and register the computer.
  • Cause 3: The computer has lost the trust relationship with the domain. The Helpdesk is currently unsure why this happens.
  • Contact the Helpdesk, they will create a ticket and assign it to the Lab group. The lab team will login with a local account and perform the steps listed here: | Resetting_Directory_Service_Settings

Cannot print from some applications or Print button is unresponsive

This issue has been resolved in the current revision of the image, so any newly imaged/reimaged computers do not have this issue.

My Mac takes a few minutes to login

  • Issue with Macs that are added to the domain
  • Cause: Mac OS X Leopard is trying to reach the domain, but when it's off-campus, this is not accessible. It tries to reach the domain even if you try to login to a local account.
  • Solution: Use Apple Software Update to update to the latest version of the OS.
  • This issue has been resolved in the current revision of the image, so any newly imaged/reimaged computers do not have this issue.

Sometimes (but not always) my Mac takes 15-30 seconds to accept my password

Cause: Newer Macs are configured to sync your computer password with your College password (they are "added to Middlebury's domain". When you are away from the College network, and connected to a foreign network (including midd_unplugged), your Mac cannot reach Middlebury's domain, but it keeps trying for 15-30 seconds.

  • Solution: Perform Software Update (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1338)
  • Turning off AirPort before logging in will speed-up login. If you expect to be connected to a non-Middlebury network, turn off your AirPort before shutting down your computer or before putting it to sleep. You can turn off AirPort by clicking on the AirPort menu (on the top left corner of the screen) and clicking "Turn Off Airport". If you need to use the AirPort, you may turn it on AFTER logging in.
  • When you are OFF-CAMPUS, connect an ethernet cable AFTER logging in.

Older Images

  • Older images have corrupt keychain files: the system, safari, entourage, etc. keep asking you for a login password and your own password does not work. Open Applications => Utilities => Keychain Access => File => Delete keychain login. Logout, login. See this article for a detailed walk through Keychain issues and solutions: Keychain Problems
  • Older images have corrupt download location in Safari and Firefox. Solution: Delete com.apple.internetconfig and com.apple.internetconfigpriv, from the user's Library/Preferences folder.
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