LIS Website Content Managers

Content Manager Role

These are the primary content managers for the LIS site listed. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of LIS Staff who edit or contribute to website content. This is a list of point people for major areas of the Drupal site (and/or other major platforms). The content manager role is akin to the liaison/content provider role described in the College Handbook's LIS section on Web Policies entitled "Guidelines for Departmental/Institutional Sub-Sites". Content manager responsibilities include:

  • Serve as main contact person for questions about their sections of the site
  • Ensure their section of the site is current and accurate (which may involve delegating tasks to others). See Tools below
  • Be aware of formatting, style, and other conventions used on the LIS/College web site and follow them when making changes. See Tools below
  • Keep current with the necessary skills and tools do this (or receive training)
  • Consult with stakeholders before implementing major refresh & enhancements. Consult with your area director if you are unsure if a change is “major.”

Contacts for LIS Sites

Part of Site Details Content Manager

  • Overall Library site
go/lib, Research, Liaisons, & all library-related wiki content
Bryan Carson
  • MIDCAT (Library Catalog)
go/midcat Bryan Carson
  • Circulation (Drupal & wiki)
go/borrow, & all circ-related wiki content
Dan Frostman
  • Special Collections
go/special, go/archives, all SC & archives wiki content
Rebekah Irwin
  • Armstrong Library
Wendy Shook
  • Research & Collection Services (RCS) [formerly Collection Management & ACS]
CM Drupal & all CM-related wiki content 
Terry Simpkins
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
Interlibrary loan in Drupal & all ILL-related wiki content
Rachel Manning
  • Digital collections
Patrick Wallace

  • Overall Technology landing page
Dan Frostman
  • Helpdesk (Drupal & Wiki)
go/helpdesk & all related wiki content
Dan Frostman
  • Telephone Services
go/telephone & all telephone-related wiki content
Ginnie Bukowski
  • Banner, etc. Documentation
David Ludwig
  • Media Services & Public Computing
Media Services in Drupal & all media services wiki content & any public computing wiki pages
Petar Mitrevski
  • Teaching/Learning, web application development, digital media tutors
go/ct any CT content on wiki, and http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/technology/web/ (and any other pages down from "/technlogy/web/")
Joe Antonioli
  • Reporting & BI
David Ludwig
  • Security
http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/technology/security and other pages down from 'security'
Chris Norris

  • LIS & subpages
Doreen Bernier
  • LIS Blog
Mike Roy
  • LIS Emergency
emergency manuals & other wiki content
Joseph Watson

Tools for Content Managers

  • Drupal formatting and College-wide style guidelines:
    • Drupal Style Guide Quick reference for Drupal conventions
    • Drupal editing Detailed steps for editing in Drupal
    • Content guide (PDF) Content philosophy from designers of the Middlebury website
    • Middlebury Style Guide Style guide by Middlebury Communications Department (Ever wondered how to display a phone number or use abbreviations on your site? It's all answered here.)

Content Refresh Checklist:

  1. Systems change
    1. e.g. a new system is implemented and another taken offline: remove old system information, update documentation in the wiki and in Drupal
  2. Staffing changes
    1. e.g. a new staff member joins: update staff profiles pages, update go/groups permissions for the Drupal site
  3. Recurring events and dates
    1. e.g. Update Google Calendar information about your department, recurring events at go/hours
  • Facebook Integration for Drupal
  • Managing permissions in Drupal: Web data groups Use this to manage permissions on Drupal pages. Click the All Groups button to see existing groups.
  • SiteImprove reports: sent to any Content Managers with spelling errors or broken links on their pages (screenshot example of report)
  • "Report a problem with this Page" errors: as they occur; sent to Barbara Merz (currently), who forwards to appropriate Content Manager
  • Google analytics: training workshops are in development, see more information here Google Analytics Basics
  • Edits to the College Handbook:
    • As of January 2011, Donna McDurfee is the contact person responsible for edits to the College Handbook.
  • Wiki Purpose and Content


Q. I've looked at this list and I'm still not sure who to get in touch with about a question or problem with a specific LIS web page. What can I do?

A. All of the LIS pages in www.middlebury.edu have a link you can click ( Problems with this page? ) to report issues with a specific page. Click the link and report the problem.

Q. Who can I get in touch with for problems with content on this wiki?

A. Some LIS Wiki pages have contact info. included at the top or bottom of the page. If no contact is listed on the page, click the History tab at the top of the page and you will see the name of the person who last edited that page. Try getting in touch with this person.

Q [from a Content Manager]. What if I feel I can no longer meet the expectations for filling the role of Content Manager?

A. It is normal to expect that with changing workloads and job responsibilities, and time, these roles will require adjustment. Speak with your direct supervisor. You and your supervisor are responsible for ensuring this role does not go unfilled.

Q. [from a Site Editor]. I noticed a section of my site that is outdated or that needs to be changed, but I am not a content manager. Do I need to ask my content manager before making changes to any Drupal pages where I have editing privileges?

A. No, you do not need to pass most routine edits or additions by your content manager. It is always a good idea to consider whether or not the changes you are making affect other parts of the site (is this shared to other pages?, and if so, will this change I am making have an impact on those pages?). If you think the change might fall into this category, a quick check-in is probably wise.

Q. I need to edit X Drupal page, but I'm not sure who can give me permission to do so, or who to ask to make the change. How can I figure this out?

A. Check with the HelpDesk or Web Applications Development--both groups have access to see who manages edits to a page.

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