LIS Website Metrics

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  • Reduced support requests
  • Fewer clicks to find information
  • Reduced reliance on other communication systems
    • Fewer group emails
    • Fewer PDF newsletters & print material
    • Unified documentation
  • More frequent updates of news content
  • Fewer dead links, reduced need to check for dead links
  • Usage analytics analysis
  • Subscription rate for syndicated content (feeds)
  • Do we want to measure how we respond to feedback, for example do we want to set a goal for ourselves that all suggestions will receive responses (even generic) within a certain amount of time? Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi


  • User satisfaction survey (ongoing, periodical) -- Is just doing a survey enough for us, or are we looking for a certain level of satisfaction in the results?  Of couse we probably will never achieve 100% satisfaction. Do we want to set a target somehow, one that is linked to the ratings on the survey (eg, at least 50% of users are at least "somewhat satisfied")? Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi
  • "Was this page helpful?" "Rate this page" at the bottom of content
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